Drafting Hallows

Added on by Timothy Duong.

Nothing to note in terms of visual artworks but instead a text based update in what stirs up inside the noggin of Timothy Duong. At the beginning of this year I set myself 1 of 2 goals to complete, one was to have at least one art exhibition and the other was to write & illustrate a children's book and hopefully get it published. Whilst neither have been achieved, I know I have the ball rolling on one side of the court.

In regards to the book, I've had the idea in my head for quite some time but never drafted anything up. I've decided to finally dive head first and proud to announce that I have my first draft written up tonight. 

In a nut shell, think of my Fox & Owl series of paintings coupled with a children's story that is to touch on mental health. I think it's something that suits me quite well and I hope that once it's finished it will bring awareness to those out their who suffer or know someone out there suffering from mental health issues.

I'm definitely excited and cannot wait to have some eager beaver draft readers to assist with the creation of this. From here, it's story boarding, character design and making edits to the story itself.

So please do keep tabs on this one, I'm going to ask for favours as I'm a terrible writer but if you're interested in the story and would like to help please don't hold back and contact me!